Bringing your brand to life!

Prime is a field marketing agency that offers a unique service that puts your brand at the heart of everything we do.

We’re always bespoke

We offer a service that is tailored around you, allowing us to maintain a fantastic relationship. This makes us the number one choice for retailers and brands.

Our people are the best

Our people make us. From our head office to our ‘first in class’ brand ambassadors, we invest in our people so brands invest in us.

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We have a unique approach

Our unique approach is what keeps our clients loyal. Whether you want input from day one or leave it up to us, your dedicated account manager will look after your individual needs.

We are part of the Dee Set family

We are part of Dee Set - a one stop retail solution with 14 years extensive industry knowledge across the retail sector. Experts in logistics, warehousing, merchandising and fulfillment.

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We’re trusted by the best

We’re privileged to have long standing relationships with some of the best known and "well loved" brands, as well as partner some of the UK's biggest retailers and Supermarket chains.

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