A day in the life of an Alphega Pharmacy Ambassador

A day following Leanne as she goes about her job as an Alphega Pharmacy Ambassador


I arrive promptly at Davina pharmacy to meet with Ashok the pharmacy manager and Julie his retail champion to discuss this month’s merchandising. I am fully prepared with my monthly briefs and plans and ready to discuss the day ahead.

The plans I have differ each month focusing on key areas to re-merchandise, my role is to re-merchandise the allocated bays to the planogram as closely as possible, identify missing stock that the pharmacy need to order and place according to plan, all of which are products which are proven to sell and beacon brands.


After deciding on a plan of action I begin by reviewing last month's re-merchandised areas to see if the stock I highlighted has been ordered and if the bay has been well maintained to plan. I make notes for feedback later and complete forms report to capture this.


I begin by setting up the monthly promotional bay to planogram, this stock is sale or return and so I ask the store what they would like to keep from last month’s promotion and box the rest to be returned. I locate the new promotional stock and corresponding POS (Point of Sale). I rework the bay to plan ensuring all POS is in place and posters displayed to highlight the promotions and encourage sales.

11.30 onwards

I use planograms to re-merchandise each bay one at a time, removing delisted lines that were highlighted on my plan and handing these to the store to price reduce and sell through. I rework each bay as closely to planogram as possible and report via FOMS (Field Operations Manager)-Our way of reporting whilst in store,live reporting at its best!


Upon completion I meet again with Ashok and Julie to discuss my completed work, highlighting any issues regarding putting the bay completely to plan. I show them each plan and the highlighted missing products that need to be ordered in and placed to plan. I leave these with the pharmacy for ease of ordering and merchandising in the coming month.

I ask for feedback and listen to any queries and questions they have and do my best to solve these there and then or make a note to chase these queries up with Primes Head Office support team who are always on hand to help.


I discuss the areas to be merchandised next month informing the pharmacy to check live image planograms online via their Alphega supplied tablet. I book next months visit which always falls on the first Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the month to ensure that monthly promotions have a full month on display.


I am getting ready to leave the pharmacy but before I do I make sure Ashok is pleased with the work and email the Prime support team with any issues from the visit.

Leanne's comments

Working as an Alphega ambassador is very rewarding yet at the same time challenging, therefore it is important that you are fully prepared for your visit and have read and understood your briefs thoroughly before visiting. Each pharmacy differs in terms of their needs and limitations and it is important that you build a strong and trusting relationship with the pharmacy owner's and their staff from the onset. I have found that being genuine and having a passion for your work and doing the best job possible pays dividends in creating a good working relationship. Not only does this show you care as much about the business as they do but it also helps facilitate monthly merchandising and overcoming obstacles along the way. The job is hands on. Most visits I'll be moving stock adjusting displays shelves and POS, anything to ensure the store looks great.

Although you work alone you are never short of assistance from your team leader to the Prime support team. The training provided is thorough and complete. We also have a website dedicated to Alphega Ambassadors that provides help of all kinds.

Being an Alphega Pharmacy ambassador is hugely rewarding and a great opportunity to develop one's skill set.

Written by

Emily Shepherd

Account Manager

Emily has an extensive background in Events Management, providing exciting environments for consumers to be a part of.

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