Design, Print and Implementation for Boots results in 60% Sales Increase!

15 Day turnaround for design, print and implementation for Boots counter top display units in over 200 stores!

Boots required support in the design, print and implementation of a Boots own brand hayfever counter top display unit to land in store within 15 days of request.

The Dee Set Creative Team completed the full counter top display unit design ensuring the branding and key messages were in line with Boots' vision.

Dee Set's Print Team managed the print production of 250 of the counter top display units and their Logistics Team dispatched these directly to our Brand Ambassadors.

Our Brand Ambassadors then walked the counter top display units in to store, set up on location and stocked with products, before spending time with staff in-store to educate them about the benefits of the range and key messages.

Stores with the counter top display unit showed a year-on-year revenue increase of 60% compared to 5% from stores who did not have the counter top display unit.

A brilliant result which reflects the effectiveness of in-store POS implemented in prime location on-time.

At Prime Field Marketing, we understand the need to ensure POS is appealing, in prime location and implemented on time which is why we pride ourselves on being able to cater the full end-to-end solution.

Contact us to see how we can help you to achieve excellence at the point of purchase:

Written by

Emily Shepherd

Account Manager

Emily has an extensive background in Events Management, providing exciting environments for consumers to be a part of.

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