The Battle Against Online this Christmas

We explore what this means for Brands and Retailers

Online retail sales are predicted to increase by 16.2% this year compared to 2014. However this does not mean consumers will completely avoid the in-store festive shopping experience.

58% of online shoppers who use a click and collect stations said they are then encouraged to visit stores. Having more accessible retail click and collect services can trigger an increased craving for the human element in services for consumers.

What does this mean for Brands & Retailers? Toy sales soar during the Christmas period and research suggests bringing toys & games to life in store inspires shoppers to purchase items that they would otherwise not consider purchasing. A quarter of toy purchasers stated they would be more encouraged to shop at a particular store if they were able to experience the toy before point of purchase.

Prime Field Marketing Agency provides the in-store human element for consumers to connect, interact with as well as providing on hand advice and within the retail environment that will persuade and encourage in store sales this upcoming festive season.

References: Mintel June 2015

Written by

Emily Shepherd

Account Manager

Emily has an extensive background in Events Management, providing exciting environments for consumers to be a part of.

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