Boosting Sales for Nivea through in-store Product Demonstrations

The brief

During the height of the British summer season Prime Field Marketing were asked to bring fun, excitement and education to shoppers within a national retailer throughout the whole of the UK. The team were asked to bring awareness to Nivea’s ‘Have more fun in the sun’ campaign whilst simultaneously increasing sales of their new factor 50 Kid’s Roll-On Coloured Sun Creams.

Our approach

Creative responses to briefs are Prime's speciality, and this project was no exception.

Our team brought the campaign to life with an engaging British summer at the seaside theme. We sourced, picked and packed a variety of themed props to ensure that the demonstration was as engaging as possible. Our in-house Design and Print teams also collaborated to create a face-in-the-hole board to bring even more theatre to the campaign in-store.

Our bright and bubbly Brand Ambassadors were trained in advance via an engaging video brief on sun safety and Nivea’s focus products. We ensure that our Ambassadors are armed with all of the information to be able to provide expert advice on all areas of your product and brand.

The result

• All stores were resourced to interact with as many shoppers as possible
• The Prime team covered all stores with 100% attendance!
• Our Ambassadors engaged with over 3,000 customers – 30% of which had never purchased from Nivea prior to our demonstration
• Nivea saw an impressive 68% sales lift on the focus product of the day

In-store product demonstrations are a fantastic way to make your product jump off the shelf and build visibility for your brand.
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Customers Engaged

Written by

Greg Peach

Senior Account Manager

Greg has extensive experience in the field marketing sector supporting major brands throughout the UK.

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