The brief

Prime were approached prior to the opening of Trending,to create a bespoke in-store Sales and Engagement training program for all store colleagues. Prime were also tasked with providing a complete store launch package.

Our approach

Prime provided a complete store launch package to excite and enthuse Frenchgate shoppers. Creating a buzz during a busy lunchtime in the centre, Prime surprised shoppers with a flash mob who revealed the new store name.

See the flash-mob here....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY1WS4tPA3Q

Prime trained and provided a 2True Cosmetic expert; who provided in-store beauty demonstrations across the first two opening weekends, showcasing four key current make up trends whilst educating shoppers at the same time.
In-store social media activity was encouraged through Trending’s social media channels. Ambassadors encouraged all shoppers to upload their ‘make over selfie’ using the stores hash tag #AlwaysTrending.

Prime delivered an innovative program of events to bring the Trending store launch alive. The program of events tied in closely with the marketing strategy for the 2true brand encouraging customers to post store-specific hashtags, in-store photos and to interact online to create a buzz. Prime operated as a professional team and were a pleasure to work with on the lead up to the event, during as well as after the event.

Emma Dodd

2True Brand Manager

The result

Over 200 demonstrations were carried out over the weekends, with 70% resulting in an in-store purchase. Trending’s twitter followers increased by over 1000 across the launch day and Instagram followers doubled.


In store demonstrations resulted in purchase!

Written by

Emily Shepherd

Account Manager

Emily has an extensive background in Events Management, providing exciting environments for consumers to be a part of.

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