Bespoke services for your brand

Our Field Marketing Services

We work in collaboration to ensure your brand is at the heart of the solution. Our campaign strategies are derived from proven field marketing disciplines which can be performed on a strategic or a more flexible ad-hoc basis.

Product Demonstrations and Sampling

Our consumers engagement programme drive customers right to the heart of your brand so they will try, buy and connect with your product to increase market share. A proven sales enhancer!

Retailer Engagement and Training

Retailer engagement training ensures your product is on the tip of every store colleagues tongue! Understanding your product instore is the key driver for colleague confidence in selling and driving on-going sales.

Experiential and Roadshows

We excite, enthuse, and engage with your target consumers through live interactions. Building connections with customers allows us to influence future shopping habits whilst growing and increasing awareness for your brand.

Contact Centre

Our contact centre will give your brand the power of voice and mass marketing. Our expertise includes customer care, order and POS hotlines as well as both B2B and B2C initiatives.

Field Sales Teams

We build strong in-store relationships to influence, negotiate and coach retail staff to enhance brand advocacy and drive strategic sales across your retail platform.

Pop Up Shops

Prime can offer the full solution for the on trend "Pop up Shop" From designing and implementing the initial fixtures and fittings to warehousing, management and distribution of stock to store though to supplying an experienced team who excel in managing all of your retail portfolio and shop floor retail excellence... we can make a pop up shop work for you....

Retail audits

Compliance is king, ensure your brand is in the prominent position agreed. Auditing provide insights on visibility, availability and where your product is placed for purchase. For added value our "check and fix" solution ensures the highest possible compliance prior to leaving store.

Mystery Shopping and Shopper Research

We help you to understand the customers journey in relation to your brand. Understanding your positioning, visibility and retailer knowledge can be instrumental in ensuring buy in and market share.

In-store Merchandising

Completing on average 17, 000 retail visits a week, Prime and Dee Set are experts in visual merchandising, ensuring stock, displays and promotional material are optimised at point of purchase to enhance the customer's journey.

Event Management

Mixing sparks of creativity with the right presence and a strong operational team to mirror your brand, Prime is the only choice to host and manage your events from conception to completion.

Our Dee Set connection

It is great being part of the Dee Set family of companies. At our fingertips we have a wealth of experts working across all aspects of the retail journey. This is an extremely powerful tool that sets us apart from all other Field Marketing Agencies.

Whether it is Design, Print, Product, Fulfilment and Distribution, we are best placed to meet all of your needs. We can successfully represent and drive direct sales in an ever changing and fast paced retail environment.

Lets Talk! Whether it is one, two or all of the above services, Prime's wide range of expertise will always find the right solution.